Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making strides

Brett is continuing to work on driving his new wheelchair (as are his parents, therapists and teachers!) But I wanted to share this...
A year ago we were celebrating when Brett began moving his legs independent of one another in the pool during swim therapy. He has high tone in his legs. It is like if you stiffened every muscle in your legs with all your might. For the first few years of his life he was so tight all the time his legs were practically plastered together. He still gets that way, but muscle relaxing medication and lots of work in therapy and in the pool have gotten his legs moving.
So, this summer Easter Seals - where he gets his therapy - got a new system that involves a harness attached to a track that goes all the way down the hallway. I've watched children and adults who are in wheelchairs get hooked up to the harness and their faces are overjoyed to be standing and walking down a hallway.
This is Brett's first try at the new system last week. He gets some assist on his left leg, but his right is moving on its own. It is amazing to see and though it is very hard work for him - he couldn't wait to try it again this week.
I also love that his brothers like to help by being on standby and adjusting the harness when requested.

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