Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kicking milestones to the curb

When the boys were little I had one of those books about milestones and what to expect from birth to age 3. As a new mom I kept checking it and working on things and sighing with relief when things matched up. But at a certain point when more and more of those milestones weren't being met by all our boys it became a source of discouragement and disappointment. I remember sitting on the floor trying not to cry, praying and realizing - he will have his own milestones. The book went in the garbage and Brett has had his own milestones. Milestones you won't find in any book. I will forever remember the therapy session when he was 2 and matched all the baby animals to the correct mommy animals. It was the first real sign for me that he was really understanding and learning right along with his brothers. I remember when he started grabbing at my arm to get my attention, last year he mastered the thumbs up to answer 'yes' to questions. They are different, but they are amazing and they fuel my soul and give us hope. I think in some ways we are fortunate that we have the opportunity to really hone in on things most people take for granted and celebrate them with such joy.
I was fortunate enough to catch this on video and I'm continually grateful for people like his physical therapist Miss Elizabeth who believes in Brett and constantly cheers us on. So, after a physical therapy session packed with hard work Brett blew me away - again.
Watch, wait for it and celebrate with us - I think you'll get a kick out of it. David Beckham is retiring just in time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing and showing Brett's progress. And what a patient, little cheerleader he has in his brother.